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Mounts Creek Farm
Contact: Barb Abend
Address: 413 Christman Road Cold Brook, NY, 13324
Phone: 315-826-7452
About Us
Mounts Creek is a local small farm raising quality animals that give us quality meat. We offer goat meat, chicken, and pork.

After building our barn in 2007, we acquired our initial herd of Boer goats. Chickens and pigs as well as a herd of angora goats have been added. We pride ourselves on the care and raising of our animals. We believe local is best and are pleased to offer flavorful, quality meat to folks where we live. Our animals are raised on pasture and are butchered at USDA facilities. Chickens are sent to a 5a Inspected slaughter facility. We feel this assures our customers that, when they purchase Mounts Creek Farm meat, they are getting a quality product.
All of our animals are raised on pasture. This means that chickens are only raised during Spring, Summer and Fall. Goats are on the farm year round but enjoying huge amounts of hay during seasons when we have snow on the ground. From time to time, we do raise a few pigs but we do not have pork available every year.